Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Completing Him Challenge~July 5th

This weeks Marriage challenge is to share what you admire about your husband. My husband is a special man for so many reasons. I admire so many things about him:
~He is very intelligent and knows how to do so many different things.
~He works hard to take care of our family...at his job and at home.
~He is a good father to our children.
~He is committed to our marriage.
~He loves me even when I'm having a crazy day.
~He supports me in all that I do.
~He is a caring man.
~He is prayerful and involved in the church.
~He is a leader.
On Thursday, we'll be married 15 years.
Happy Anniversary to my husband, my lover and my best friend!
I love you John!


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Happy Anniversary!