Monday, March 28, 2016

Coloring Easter Eggs

We tried a new Easter Egg Dye Kit this year.  It was called "Glittery Tye Die".  The eggs were put into bags and dye was added to create a tie dye effect when smooshed in the bag.  

It was so quick and simple that the guys even joined in.

Once the eggs were colored, then M added the glitter. 

They came out nicely!

~peace and blessings~

Easter 2016

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Some photos from our Easter celebration above and Easter foods below!

 Our dinner table

Cream Puff Shells

 Bunny Cinnamon Roll for Easter Breakfast

Clove Studded Baked Ham with Glaze


Our colored eggs, Jelly Bean Bites and Cream Puffs 

Italian Easter Bread

Peace and blessings~