Monday, July 20, 2009

Ice Cream!

As part of our summer activities, each of our kids has a Summer Passport.

I made them using a small photo album. Inside are a variety of activities on cards and on the page beside the activity is space for a photo. Some of the activities include camping, a beach visit, ice cream shop visit, zoo visit, craft day and more. Today we completed the Ice Cream activity with a visit to the Roxberry Creamery. The passport booklet gives them a keepsake of our summer together each year.

Homemade Gobs of Vanilla Ice Cream for me! MMmmmm.

DS chose chocolate soft serve.

DD had to have the same thing as her big brother!

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Lisa! How sad is that to have a parish close after so many years. It looks as tho it has beautiful stained glass and the charm of an older parish. I am so sorry that it has to close. I would so love to have a recipe to make the kolaches. They were my favorite. Emily and my Moma were best friends. They went camping with us every year, and Emily made kolaches and Moma made cookies. Emily's girls loved Moma's cookies and we love Emily's kolaches. You could post them on a food post. I think everyone would love them. The kids picked the kind of cone I would pick, a chocolate soft cone. Yum! Yum! Have a great day. Country Hugs, Sherry

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Lisa! Please stop by my blog today. We are in need of prayers. Lots of them. Thanks so much, Sherry

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Dear Sweet Blogger Sisters:
Update on Amy. She has PASSED the test. Yes, she has PASSED the test. The Dr. said her little vessels looked so good and she had such a wonderful blood flow. While the balloon was inflated she showed no signs at all of a stroke. They injected some die at the time the balloon was in there, and she is on her way for a scan of sorts to double check the brain and make sure there is no sign of a stroke. This is more or less a double check. She told Debbie, "No more tests Mom, no more tests." The Dr. said he saw no reason why she should not have the surgery, but would talk with them after this scan. Debbie did get to see Amy on her way to the next test, and she was teary eyed but glad it was over, and Praise God she PASSED. Keep up the prayers as they are so working. God Bless you, Love Sherry