Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Sunday Mass at our Church

Yesterday was a sad day for the parishioners of SS Casimir and Emerich Catholic Church. The final Sunday Mass was celebrated in our church. Many tears were shed during the Mass and the dinner that followed. Dinner was fabulous...full of Polish favorites...haluski, halupki and kielbassi with kraut. We have hope that the new parish will be filled with the same spirit of family and heritage. Here are some photos of the kids in their Polish Heritage costumes and some photos of the mass and church:

Our daughter

Our son

So sweet....

Processing into Mass

Bringing a flower to our Mother Mary

The Altar with the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa and Candle Holders which will both be transfered to the new parish Church.

Processing out of Mass

fr. Anthony Francis Spilka carries the icon of Our Lady of Chzestochowa around the church as the congregation sings Czarna Madonaa.

Our children in front of the Blessed Mother

Articles online:

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Photos online:

Visit the Johnstown Cafe - Go to PICTURES - BUILDINGS to find pictures of Ss. Casimir & Emerich

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Please keep us (our community of faith) in your prayers as we begin our journey as Resurrection Roman Catholic Church.




Diedra said...

Love the outfits! tfs

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Lisa, Why the final Mass? What is happening to the Magnificent Church? I would be so sad too. I see you mentioned a lot of Polish food. I had a very dear Friend, her Moma passed and she made the most wonderful bread treat that had fruit in the center. I want to say she called them kalanches, but I am not sure if the spelling is correct. Would you have a recipe for these? I would love to try and make some. Please stop by and say hi. Please give me the scoop on this church. Country Hugs, Sherry