Monday, June 21, 2010

Completing Him Challenge~June 21st~Remembering my vows

I am taking the Summer Marriage Challenge at Women Living Well. This week's activity is to share memories of your wedding day. I don't have many photos because most of them are packed up for the move. I did scan these two from the wedding album.
We were married on July 8, 1995 at our former parish, SS Casimir and Emerich Church. We attended mass there together every Sunday while we were dating and engaged. We then went on to have our children baptised there as well. Our wedding day was unusually cool and overcast, which was very unusual that summer. Thankfully it didn't rain! I remember being very excited about marrying John. I had lost it at rehearsal the night before when practicing the vows, but was all smiles at the actual ceremony. Everything during the ceremony, from the singing to the readings and vows went perfectly. After the ceremony we went to an estate to have our outdoor photos taken, like the one above.

Our Wedding Party

Following the photos, we had a huge "hunky" reception with about 300 guests....give or take. The food was great, the music was fabulous and everyone had a great time. It went by in a blur for us because we were so busy that we had very little time to just party. I wish that would have been different. It was so wonderful to have so many family and friends share in our special day. My pen pal from third grade even flew in from Minnesota to be part of our wedding party. How wonderful is that?!

Fifteen years later, we still consider our vows sacred. Despite many challenges, our love continues to grow each passing day. I couldn't imagine life without my husband.



Homemaker Honey said...

Wow! You had a big wedding party. I had only two on each side.

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Homemaker Honey

Unknown said...

What beautiful memories!

Unknown said...

Love your wedding photos!

You two look so happy! It's also great when I still see those smiles years later!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Lovely post! I too felt I didn't have much time to party at my wedding. Thanks for stopping by m y blog!