Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can you say Christmas?

As you know, we are moving. Our new house won't be ready until August, so we have to put most of our things into storage. This is the pile, 3 boxes deep, of Christmas items that we carried down last night. This does not include any Christmas dishes or glassware. Crazy, huh? PLUS I got rid of tons of it last summer for the garage sale. The pile doubled in width when we added all the other holiday items. I have a serious holiday addiction! Thank you to my brother for allowing us to take over his garage with our stuff!


festivefun said...

Wow! How impressive. Its amazing how little we get to use all this fab stuff.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by for a blog visit.

We're so glad that our 5th move, in 3 years is over.

Good luck in your's.

happeningswithLana said...

Just think you are decluttering now so when you are into the new house it won't be cluttered and you will only have the stuff that you REALLY want!!!! Then you will be able to be organized and clean from the start!

Anonymous said...

You can never have enough decorations!!!