Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some thoughts for the new year...

I'm not one to make resolutions. I tend to set goals for myself in the areas of spirituality, family, friends, marriage, self, and home. Danielle Bean at Faith and Family Live posted these questions today, the same ones she posted last year:

1. Did I grow closer to God in the past year? How will I grow closer to God this year?

2. What is one new thing I will pray for this year?

3. What would I consider my worst habit and what can I do to work on it in the coming year?

4. What is the one thing I will do in the coming year that will most benefit my family?

5. What is the most important decision I made last year or will make this year?

6. What new habit would I most like to adopt this year?

7. What is one new skill I would like to learn the coming year?

8. What was the most important book I read last year/want to read this year?

9. What are my talents and what will I do to better serve God and the Church with them in the coming year?

10. What is one thing that I regret in the past year and what can I do about it in the new year?

They are great questions for reflection about the past year and a stimulus for setting goals in the coming year. I hope you find them useful.

May your new year be filled with peace, love and blessings,


Selina said...

Lisa I love this post I may copy and print it so I can ponder some the questions you posed...and judge myself on my spritiual growth this year. Love you.

Selina said...

Lisa, I love this post infact I may copy and print it so I can ponder the questions you posed and judge myself on how I've grown spiritually this year.
Love you, Belles