Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's new?!

Spring isn't too far away. There are some daffodils and tulips sprouting in our yard. The temps are warming and the days are getting longer. I love it!

The daffodils are popping through the soaked soil.

It has been raining all day and the flooding has started. Fortunately for us, we haven't been affected and shouldn't be since we're on the hill. The rivers are swollen with snow melt and the additional rainfall.
Our home during the February Snow Storm

The house has been on the market for one month today. We've had four showings, all with positive comments and one very low offer. We have been back and forth with the person making the offer, but we can't come to a compromise. I'm positive that something better will come along. The original offer was 18,000 below our list price. It's very frustrating.

On the new home front, we've been choosing carpeting, counters, flooring and fixtures. It's been exciting. I hope we've made good choices. The house will be under contract this coming week and as soon as we close on the loan they'll set things in motion. We hope to be in the new house by July 15th.

Did you know that I"m a children's book addict? This is one part of my storage that I recently organized in my classroom. It should make finding my favorites for each theme much easier!

The kids are doing well. Hockey season is officially over. Our team finished the season in first place. We're looking forward to dd's dance recital in June. We have a family wedding in June as well and another in August. It's going to be a busy summer. It will be short too, since I return to work on August 19th! That's the earliest we've ever started school.

My brother is recovering from his fall from the ladder. His back is healing nicely and he should be brace-free on April 8th. Praise the Lord for his healing. Thank you all for your prayers!

We're as busy as ever! I miss my MHH friends....can't wait until the connection problem clears.

Peace and blessings,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. It is good to hear how things are going since you aren't able to get to MHH. I hope the problem gets fixed soon.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!