Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Girl Bedroom

Today was spent tearing down the "nursery" and putting up dd's new bedroom furniture. We cleared out the room, cleaned the walls, woodwork and floors, touched up the walls with paint and put it all back together again. DD is so very pleased with her new bedroom. She even moved the clothes from her old dresser to her new dresser all on her own. I was quite impressed! Then she climbed up on the bed, propped herself up with several pillows and began to read her books. Here are some photos of the new look:

These are her sheets. I love the colors and how coordinated they are, so I can mix and match them for different looks. (Only I would

Our princess had a great time playing in the box that the footboard was delivered in today.

Waiting for daddy to get the bed put together...patiently, I might add.

The bedding is called Madison (just like our girl!) from Bed Bath and Beyond.

A closer look at the pillows and headboard...I love the beadboard on it!

Thank you for checking out our Big Girl Room!



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Angela said...

I love it! Very cute. And awesome that the bedding matches her name, LOL!