Monday, July 21, 2008

A Grace Filled Woman

This was shared on the catholicmom board today. A nice message on a Monday.

A Grace-Filled Woman

I want to become the full-grown, fully mature, grace-filled woman that God envisioned before I was even born.

I want to be the full-size, grown-up version of that wonder-filled baby girl He knit together in my mothers womb.

I want to be so in tune with Him and His thoughts and ideas for me that I can know and celebrate on a daily basis that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I want His dream for me to be a reality. . . .

This great God of ours works in us to make us all we can be. He does not just sit on the sidelines waiting for us to trip up while we try to be a bigger girl than we are. He just longs for us to grow and live each season of our lives to the max, and He empowers us to do it if we really want to.

Thats what being a Big Girl is all about: living life to the fullest in all ways, in all places, and in all situations.

~Jan Silvious


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