Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Brunch

I hosted a brunch today for my parents' 41st Anniversary. In the photo above they just opened the gift of a new roaster from us. At Christmas my dad was going on about how they needed a new roaster while doing the dishes, since their 30+ year old one was chipped, so I thought it would be the perfect gift. ;0)

I did a love theme, using hearts and snowflakes. The menu included French Toast Casserole, Egg and Sausage Casserole, Apple Cinnamon Muffins(ww) and Fruit Salad. I had coffee, tea, and juices for beverages as well.

I also decorated the house this weekend for Valentines' Day. I found this printable via Pinterest. I mounted it on red paper and framed it for the buffet area. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the food!

Thank you for stopping by!

~peace and blessings~



Anonymous said...

The food sounds wonderful and your table looks gorgeous.

teachermomof2 said...

Thanks Mel!

Luludou said...

Lovely table, love the valentine printing in the frame and it was a beautiful table setting.

Kim said...

I LOVE your table setting!!! Perfect for this special occasion!

teachermomof2 said...

Thank you Kim and Lucie!

happeningswithLana said...

Lisa, very nice decorations. Looks so pretty. Love the framed print. I am sure your parents enjoyed it.