Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garage Sale!

On Saturday, we held a garage sale. As dh says, "We have more stuff than two people should be allowed to own." We cleared out the attic and loaded up the garage. Sadly, we have more to put out. Soooo...we're opening up the garage again next Saturday to sell the rest of the items we had no room for yesterday. We had a lot of great shoppers, met some neighbors that we didn't know and made a bit of money in the process. These photos were taken mid-day.

Some tips~

  • price everything
  • put out clean items~no one wants to buy dirty things
  • use lots of signs has great printable signs.
  • advertise~in the paper and on-line
  • put batteries in battery operated toys. You can ask for more money and shoppers are more likely to buy if they can see how it works.
  • merchandise like items together
  • bag/box like items together and sell for one price...i.e. 12 matchbox cars for 1 dollar

So if you are in the neighborhood next Saturday, stop by and visit our sale!



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happeningswithLana said...

Wish I could of came to your sale. Looks like it was WELL planned. Hope you have a good week getting more out and that next week-end is good for you.