Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

We've entered into the world of kitchen remodeling. Our home was custom built in 1949. When it was built, it was the "showcase" of the neighborhood according to people who lived nearby at the time. Our kitchen is still original to the house. We decided to update it this year with new cabinet doors and drawers, counters, sink, hardware, backsplash, lighting, flooring and an over the range microwave. We are doing a budget renovation, so the finishes will not be high-end. For this neighborhood, high end would not be appropriate. John is sanding and refinishing the cabinets, as he has done with all the windows and most of the woodwork in the house. Our uncle, a cabinet maker, is making the doors and drawers for us. This is a total DIY job.

I'm excited, yet anxious. I am hoping all the pieces that we've picked out come together nicely. Keep watching for updates and the finished look.


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Angela said...

Oh, how exciting!! I know remodeling is stressful in a lot of ways, with the mess and all, but I can't wait to see the final results! You'll have so much fun picking things out and watching it come together. We added on to our basement about two years ago, and that was an adventure, but we're so glad we did it. Be sure to post pics as you go! :-)