Monday, June 17, 2013

First Trip to Camp 2013

We finally made it to our camp last weekend.  The family loves our time together there.  It was a little chilly at night, but nice during the day.  On Saturday, we took our first excursion on the boat.  It was Karla's first time on the boat....she was more excited about the shadows on the floor, than having the wind in her face.  Our dog is a little odd.  lol  Above H is hanging with Karla.
Captain John
Miss M...just noticed the whole family is wearing something with Pittsburgh on it...Penguins, Pirates, it!
Finally got Karla to look at me! 
Leaving a wake behind us...
Then my camera battery died!  I did manage to get one pic of  a Father's Day gift for dh:

I saw the printable on Pinterest...then filled the bucket with worms.  It was fitting since they did do some fishing on Saturday.  Miss M was the only one who caught anything. 
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Luludou said...

Seems like you enjoyed a nice family weekend.