Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My New Classroom

Today I went to visit my new classroom, at my new school.  I'm excited about teaching first graders again and can't wait to get started!  Above is what you see when you walk in the door.  Don't ya just love the windows?!  I'm thinking that I'll put my calendar area in that corner. 
This is a wider view of that same area.  I love all the storage under the windows.  I'm planning on hiding the stuff with fabric...polka dots, I think!
This is to the left of the door.  Student lockers, more storage and a bathroom!  Love that!
I love, love, love the whole wall of bulletin board space.  I need to decide what will be hanging there.

This is to the right of the door, with the lovely Laurie (who gave up time today to give me the grand tour...love her!) 

This is another side view.  It's quite a large room, corner spot with a view of the green fields and forest behind the school.  I can't wait to liven up the color scheme!
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Luludou said...

Nice BIG classroom! Love the windows AND the bathroom!! and working with 1st graders is so much fun :)