Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Testing Motivators

It's testing week in our state. This is my first year administering the PSSAs and I thought I'd make up some motivators for my students. Above is a printable from that I gave out on the first day with a pack of Smarties candy.
Dum-Dum Lollipos with a flag
Starburst Candies with a flag
Cookies with a tag that says "You are a "smart cookie"! Good Luck!
I didn't get overly fancy since my students are sixth graders after all, but I do think they like the whole idea since they've been saving my little sayings and taking them with them after testing. That makes my teacher heart happy.

~peace and blessings~


Kim said...

You are an amazing teacher! Things like this go a long way to letting the kids know how much you care.

Luludou said...

Wow Lisa! that is a great idea and I'm sure the kids love it :)
Congrats to a great teacher.