Monday, September 6, 2010

Log Cabin Arts Festival

On Saturday, I made the annual trip to the Log Cabin Arts Festival. While there, I picked up a few Christmas gifts for the family. Above are two Soap-sicles for the kids. Miss M got Watermelon and H picked Raspberry. I'll use them for stocking stuffers. The seller has a website at Check it out! She has some great scents.

Each year, the kids and dh get an ornament (or two!). This year, I bought J a jacket ornament with his college alma mater, Saint Francis University, on it. J wore a similar jacket during his college years, so I thought it would be a good memory. I bought H the CC jacket for his school. He was with me, so he was super thrilled with it.

I also picked up this bucket and apple pointer for my student teacher. I'm going to fill it with some school goodies and a gift card for her end of placement gift.

My "big" purchase was these rugs for the kitchen. They are handbraided and machine washable, which I love. I bought the runner for in front of the sink and the smaller one for in front of the door in the dining area. I wanted a much larger one for under the dr table, but they didn't have anything that large available.
I'm happy to have started some of my shopping for Christmas. I have a few other gifts hidden away and am looking forward to having it all done by December 1st, so I can enjoy the holiday season more stress free.
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Anonymous said...

What great gifts you got. Love the soap-sicles!!