Thursday, January 14, 2010

Small Successes~January 14, 2010


Thank you for stopping by to read this week's small successes. Each week I join the ladies at Faith and Family Live in sharing my small successes for the week. I hope to continue to join in each Thursday because it is important to celebrate the little things in life.

Here's this week's successes:

1. I exercised every day the last week. I'm down 5 lbs now. I feel so good about that!

2. We're making progress in the house building process. Things are slowly, but coming together.

3. I will have a movie night with the kids tonight. I like to do it weekly, but lately events have been getting in the way.

What are your small successes this week? Share them with other moms at Faith and Family.

Blessings and peace,


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happeningswithLana said...

Great work with the 5 lbs.!