Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Homemade Soap

For Christmas gifts, I'm making my co-workers, secretaries and aides Almost Homemade Soap to go with the knitted faceclothes I'm making each of them. I followed Carrie's directions on her blog, Farming On Faith. I used Ivory Soap instead of Dove, but will probably use Dove if I make the soap again. I used a muffin tin to shape the soap, but think it would be neat to use mini muffin tins or even tree shaped molds to make them.

I wrapped each soap in cellophane, then wrapped strips of scrapbook paper around each soap, added a circle and the dot letters to spell soap. The circles on the red paper remind me of bubbles. :0)

Thanks for stopping by today!



Anonymous said...

The labels for your soap are great!!

Good job!!

Season of Life said...

What a fun gift and I love your presentation of the soaps! My 14 yr son made soap on different occasions last year using soap and somewhat easier to make than candles. :-)

Merry Christmas!

happeningswithLana said...

TFS! That will make a nice gift. I might have to try some--will see.

Unknown said...

How fun these must have been to make.

Sandwiches - triangles or rectangles? Please stop by my blog with your answer!