Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Photos Organized

I'm always trying to organize things to make life a bit simpler for me. I bought the Cropper Hopper Photo Storage Box sometime last year from QVC. Today while cleaning up my scrapbooking/card making supplies, I decided that I should finally organize the photos that were in piles all over the table into the plastic envelopes and put them inside the storage box. What a freeing activity! I feel so much better that my photos are arranged by topic and/or date and will be easy to pull out when I'm ready to scrapbook them. Here it is with the filled cases:

I'm so tickled that I accomplished this activity. I'm also working on organizing my scrapbook paper, stickers and embellishments by theme. It's starting to come together.
Have a day full of blessings,


Lora said...

A job well done!! I'm pretty obsessive about keeping my photos organized, too. It just makes me feel better:)

Angela said...

Oh, great job!

Several years ago (like um ten) I became the unofficial keeper of the family history photo collection. THAT has been an adventure to organize! Then of course the advent of all-digital pics (where you can take twelve until you get one "just right" and then forget to delete the other 11 before you upload to the computer) has made a whole other mess I need to organize.

It's definitley on my list, LOL! One day!...