Monday, July 9, 2007

Our 12th Anniversary

We celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversay on Sunday, July 8th. On Saturday we went to dinner and the movies. Our kids spent the night with their grandparents on their farm. I think I missed them more than they missed me! Yesterday afternoon after we picked up the kids, we went to my parent's house for dinner. I made a great peach cobbler for dessert.

In honor of our 12 years together, here are the 12 things I love about my husband, John:

1. He puts God and family first.
2. His blue eyes.
3. His laugh...
4. That he gets me and loves me anyway.
5. He's the calm to my crazy.
6. He's a great Daddy to our kids.
7. He is determined.
9. He has morals.
10. He is an active dad....changes diapers, bathes babies, plays ball,
11. He makes me feel special.
12. He is kind and generous.


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