Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mother's Prayer

Shanihn at cmomc shared this prayer. It touched me.

Dear Mary,

I who am a mother, have you for my mother.Thank you!

I really need you, Mary, as my Queen, my mother, my friend.

For the energy and spirit to arise each morning with a joyful heart - My Mother Mary help me.

In the difficulties and setbacks of each day - Mary help me.

When I feel tired or depressed - Mary help me.

When the outlook is bleak and there is no one to console or encourage me - Mary help me.

When I feel impatient with my family - Mary help me.

When others are impatient or rude to me, by your gentleness - Mary help me.

When others speak angrily or loudly to me, and I feel like snapping back, that I would answer calmly and gently - Mary help me.

When my plans don't work out, my efforts seem in vain, and I feel discouraged - Mary help me.

When I try my best and others don't understand - Mary help me.

When worry and anxiety clutch at my heart and it is difficult to be at peace - dear Mother Mary help me!

When there is no one around to support me in trouble - Mary help me.

Dear God, grant that through Mary's intercession, all things in my life and my family will work out for the good. May I grow day by day to be more like her, My Mothers, my Queen.In the name of your Son Jesus I pray.


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