Monday, June 25, 2012


 The grass is slowly coming in, so we went and purchased some more plants and shrubs to complete the landscaping at the front of the house.  I think home buyers underestimate the value of landscaping when purchasing a home.  It's taken a lot of time, work and money to add all of this to the house and yard over the last 2 years and we still have so much to do!  As an aside, I'm thinking of painting the front door black.  Any thoughts?

 Here's a picture of part of the area we landscaped last fall.  We have several more plants to plant in this area.  I'm hoping to do it tonight.

Here's the layout of the shrubs for in front of the window...Hanoki Cypress, Japonicas and a cone shaped Boxwood.

My husband leveling out the plants.

The Storybook roses bordering the sidewalk near the entry.

A pink Storybook Rose in bloom. 

More photos to come when the mulching, edging and other plants are finally in!

~peace and blessings~


Luludou said...

I think the door black would look good! we painted the windows black and they sure do look nice!
Lots of work in the landscaping

Diedra said...

Nice job with the addition plantings.