Saturday, February 11, 2012

Student Valentine's Day Bookmarks

I am "new" to teaching Middle School, but my elementary teacher self wanted to make/do something for my students for Valentine's Day. I teach approximately 100+ students every day. I saw these on a fellow teacher's blog, Controlling My Chaos, and thought they would be perfect for my kiddos. First, I ordered 4x6 prints from Walmart and cut each print in half.
Then each half was folded in half.

Then I used a roll of magnetic tape to add 2 small squares of tape to each folded bookmark.

Here are my completed bookmarks! I love them and my 13yo snatched one from the counter to use in his books, so I am sure my students will love them too!

~peace and blessings~



Anonymous said...

They look great, Lisa. You are such a good teacher.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone loved your bookmarks. You did a great job making them. Ahorsesoul from MHH

Controlling My Chaos said...

Thank you for the link love. I'm glad you could share the bookmarks with so many kids. I'm sure they appreciated them. :)