Sunday, May 8, 2016

Our Weekend

 Our Weekend of Activities started early Friday morning when Miss M had to be at school by 
6:20 am to go to the music festival.  

173 fifth graders from 20 area school districts sang in perfect harmony!

Miss M had a great time!  

On Saturday, Hunter and his girlfriend attended the Jr./Sr. Prom.  He looks so handsome.  

 Jocelyn's dad works part-time as a tow truck driver and H wanted a pic on the back of the truck.
We all indulged them!


Our family

Today is Mother's Day.  We went to late Mass, went to Lowe's to pick up my new fountain for the front bed.  I love it!  I can see it right outside my window.  We went out for lunch, visited my Mom and then came home to install the fountain.   

Thanks for stopping by! 
 ~peace and blessings~


Mel Baker said...

173 students all singing at once - It must have sounded wonderful. I love the picture on the back of the truck - H looks so handsome and J's dress is beautiful. Your front bed is gorgeous and the fountain is the perfect addition.

Anonymous said...

Mel said it all- bu I totally agree with her!