Friday, May 10, 2013

First Communion Party

Miss M made her First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 5th.  We hosted a luncheon following the mass for family.  The food buffet, pictured above, included a cheese platter, BLT dip with Beer Bread, Deviled Eggs, Veggies and Dip,  Sliced Baked Ham with Hard Rolls, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, and Tossed Salad.  There was plenty of food and more than enough leftovers. 

For dessert, I made frosted sugar cookie cut-outs.

A local cake baker made the cake.  It was as delicious as it looks!

I made chocolate cupcakes topped with whipped frosting.  I made the cross cupcake picks, too.
I also had personalized lollipops and small popcorn containers filled with kettle corn and cinnamon popcorn on the dessert buffet.  The banner is from Etsy. 
~peace and blessings~

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Luludou said...

Lisa, I'm sure the children will remember all you do for them! you are an extraordinary mom :)