Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog's Day Treat

From the perch of "Gobbler's Knob," a local hillside in Punxsutawney,PA, a famous, groundhog named Phil has predicted an early spring, or put another way, the groundhog did not see his shadow on Groundhog's Day.  In honor of Phil, a PA icon, the kids and I put together these treats for dessert.
I saw the treat, (where else but on Pinterest!) and thought it would add some smiles to a snowy day.  The kids got into the action by smashing about 4 oreos in a ziploc bag.  We used the smashed oreos as dirt on the top of our pudding cups.  The groundhog is made from a Milano cookie.  His eyes and nose are chocolate frosting, piped through a very small corner of a baggie.  His cheeks are butterscotch chips, with the pointy top removed, and attached with peanut butter.  The ears and teeth are almond slivers, also attached with peanut butter.  I placed the cookie into the chocolate pudding and then topped it with the oreos.  Viola! 
Smashing oreos
~peace and blessings~


teachermomof2 said...

You could also use peanut butter chips for the cheeks.

Luludou said...

It looks great and the kids seemed to have lots of fun making it :)