Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Randomness

Fall has arrived in western PA.  I had to take some pictures of my geraniums because they are blooming like crazy and getting leggy with growth.  They love the cool weather.  The one above was on the front porch for the summer and was moved to the back of the house when I put out mums.    The one below has been on the back porch all summer.  Thsi is the most it has bloomed all season.


Can't forget the view from my windows....the top photo is a picture of the forest behind the house.  The second photo is our view from the front of the house.  The colors are not very bright this year.  The windy, rainy days have caused a lot of leaves to already fall.

I got a steal on theis candy corn berry garland from Celebrating Home.  I wrapped it around the banister for this month.  Next month, I'll do a leaf garland.

Love this lantern from Big Lots.  The candle inside is battery operated, so no fuss or worry necessary.  It's on the mantel along with some pumpkins, leaves and other fall items.  I had hoped to take more pics of fall decor, but Miss M was sick all weekend and the house looks like a tornado went through it. 

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Luludou said...

Just love all the fall decorating and the outside colors are so beautiful in fall.