Monday, August 15, 2011

Crayon Wreath for My Classroom Door

Crayon Wreath


3 boxes of 24 crayons or one box of 64

(since crayons are on sale for 40 cents a box at Walmart, the smaller boxes were more economical)

1-8 inch embroidery hoop

1-10 inch embroidery hoop

ribbon of your choice

hot glue gun and glue

1. Line up the smaller hoop inside the larger hoop on a flat work surface.
2. Lay all crayons on the hoop in the desired color order. This helps with placement when you begin to glue them all down.
3. Glue down each crayon. I made sure they were all facing the same way, but that isn't that important unless you are a crazy crafter like me.

4. Thread a piece of ribbon through the top hoop, between the crayons, to use as a hanger.

5. Create a bow and tie it or hot glue it to the wreath.




Anonymous said...

Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa I knew when you said you were going to make this I was excited to see the results and it turned out wonderful !!! Great job !!